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We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.

~ Winston Churchill


An excellent article on fresh air was penned some years ago by Dr. Bernell Baldwin. Entitled "Why is Fresh Air Fresh?" Baldwin pointed out that fresh air is chemically different than the recirculated indoor air that most Americans breathe. High quality fresh air is actually electrified. The life-giving oxygen molecule is negatively charged or "negatively ionized." This negatively charged oxygen gives rise to a number of benefits:


•  An improved sense of well-being

•  increases the rates and quality of growth in plants & animals

•  improves function of the lungs protective cilia

•  relaxes, and decreases anxiety

•  lowers the body temperature

•  lowers the resting heart rate

•  decreases the survival of bacteria and viruses in the air

•  improves learning in mammals

•  decreases severity of stomach ulcers

Baldwin BE. Why is fresh air fresh? The Journal of Health and Healing 11(4):26-27.


Not only is fresh air beneficial, but saturating your tissues with extra oxygen can stimulate phenomenal healing to be accomplished by the body.  But, how to get the extra oxygen to the tissues? 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy!


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