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People frequently ask us what type of people come to KMHR and what kind of results are obtained at these programs.

In short, guests participating in our 10 day program have great results.  The 17-day program, almost twice as long, get even better results, as the body has more time to recover.    

That said, we aim to do more than just get "good numbers".  Time spent at the KMHR program is a starting point for more positive changes once you return home.  The hands on education, spiritual emphasis and personal attention serve as a spring board into a new exciting lifestyle. 

One of our guests said it well.  She was a 14 year old autistic girl who never spoke except to yell "NO" or occasionally swear.  After several weeks of hyperbaric oxygen treatments and participating in the program at KMHR, she turned to her mother after a health lecture and said, "I think what is happening here is going to really make a big difference in our lives."

Here are a few stories of the guests we have been privileged to work with at KMHR Health Retreats.  Each person is different and unique.  What you will read is just a portion of their experience.  As you read these stories, what will shine through is the courage and faith each person displayed in making the, sometimes difficult, decision to come to KMHR and invest in improving their health, both physically and spiritually!


GUEST A- Beautiful Lady Overcoming Diabetes and Obesity

A, was only 48 years old when she came to the 18 day program at KMHR.  She had diabetes and significant obesity.  At the end of the program her Blood Pressure fell from 130/85 to 110/66.  She lost an amazing 13 pounds!  Her fasting glucose was reduced by 21.6%.  Her Cholesterol dropped 13.1%.  Her Triglycerides dropped 27.2%.

The good news is that 3 months after the program end we were delighted to speak with A and find she has now lost a total of 63 pounds.  She feels abolutely great. 

Her friends and family are so excited about her new found health and lifestyle that she has been able to show them many things that have helped their health as well.  She considers the time spent at KMHR essential to her success by first of all giving her the rationale for the things she does and being able to make delicious food that is healthy, satisfying and sustainable.



Guest B was a 57 year old lady with no particular health complaints, except that she was hoping to lose some of her extra 60 lbs, came to a 10 day retreat.

At the initial exam she had an elevated blood pressure of 145/90.  In just 9 days she lost 2 pounds and went on to lose much more as she continued the program at home.  She reduced her blood pressure to 120/76 and felt great!



C was a 44 year old lady who with a long-standing history of obesity, diabetes, painful neuropathy and multiple domestic injuries that resulted in back pain.  She had continual abdominal pain which persisted despite removal of a large tumor in her abdomen and then a hysterectomy several years later. She had a lifelong history of depression, alcohol and tobacco abuse and sleep disturbance.  

C had attended some community health education programs where our staff had presented.  C applied several principles she learned in our program to her life.  She cut back significantly on her alcohol and tobacco usage over about 3 years.  She made some dietary changes that had resulted in the loss of over 200 pounds!  She still carried an extra 100 pounds but then tragedy struck, she had a heart attack.  Realizing that she needed help to continue on the positive path she signed up for a 10 day health retreat at KMHR.

As the time for the program grew closer, C became worried that she would not be successful in the program.  She worried how she would be viewed and worried she would not be able to make the changes needed.  She backed out the day she was to come.

However, she continued to work on stopping tobacco use and she again signed up for the retreat a year later, after having proved to herself that she could stop smoking and drinking for several weeks!  What a huge victory!

Within a few days of starting the program C's abdominal pain subsided!  She had a drop in total cholesterol from 260 to 245 mg/dl.  Her triglycerides fell from 452 to 244 mg/dl.  Her fasting glucose decreased by 16%, even with a with a 50% decrease in insulin dosage and stopping of 3 other diabetic medications.  She lost 2 lbs. 

Her mood was level and she was sleeping every night without problem.  Her antidepressants were able to be reduced and within several weeks after the program she stopped them completely.    

Her blood pressure was 108/66 at program start and fell to 98/64 by the end of the 10 day program.  She stopped her cardiac medication shortly after the program to prevent her blood pressure from dropping too low.  She was walking for several hours every day.  While C still had some days that she relapses into nicotine use, her overall health and quality of life is greatly improved a year after participating in the program.  She remains grateful for the time she spent at KMHR.



D was 81 years old.  She was wheel-chair bound except for transfers and minimal walking in her house with a walker.  She was short of breath nearly all the time.  She was taking albuterol nebulizer treatments every four hours.  She was 120 pounds overweight. 

In just 10 days D lost 8 pounds and had to have significant reductions in her heart medications.  Her after meal glucose check fell from 235 mg/dl to 153 mg/dl by the end of the program with a significant reduction in medication for diabetes. 

Her cholesterol began shifting to a healthier profile.  Her triglycerides were 330 when she started and 225 after just 9 days.  Her HDL (helpful cholesterol, the cholesterol type that removes plaque and transports it to the liver for breakdown) rose by 11 points (very good!), while her total cholesterol fell by 8 points.   

D was also able to increase her walking from just a few feet per day to several hundred yards every day.  Her need for albuterol to help her breath, decreased to only once a day.

All that in just 10 DAYS!



E was a 60 year old man who suffered from constant, debilitating migraine headaches.  He had been forced into early retirement because he simply could not cope with working with so much pain.  He came to Klondike Mountain Health Retreat for a 10 day program combined with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  At the end of the 10 day Retreat E was 90% headache free and on last report has remained so (over three years after his time at KMHR).  Because of the reduction in chronic pain, E was able to decrease his antidepressant dose.

But also exciting were the results of E's blood work.  In just 10 days E cholesterol fell from 208 to 193.  His Triglycerides fell from 399 to 184.  He lost 7 pounds and his blood pressure reduced from 155/95 to 140/85.  All this was just a side benefit and a start for more improvement that continued after he graduated from the program. 

E had such improvement in his health that he was able to go back to work as the CEO of a company.  What a wonderful blessing to have the health to be able to once again participate in the things he loved to do! 



F was a 53 year old man who had a history of chronic pain from multiple work injuries, high blood pressure and cholesterol.  He struggled with depression and occasional alcohol abuse.  He came to KMHR, for a 10 day program, on the recommendation of his Medical Doctor for a overall program focusing on physical and spiritual health.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was utilized to reduce inflammation from old injuries and help his body recover from damage induced by alcohol usage.

In just 10 days F showed the following improvements:

Fasting blood glucose fell from 129 to 112.  His cholesterol plummeted from 281 to 200, LDL cholesterol fell from 170 to 109.  He lost 7.5 lbs and his blood pressure dropped from 126/82 to 112/80. 

His mood was level, he was sleeping well and had a positive outlook on life.  One year after his time at KMHR we heard back from him and he reports that he is continuing to work toward the goal of better health and is grateful for the time he spent refocusing on what was important.



G was a 73 year old lady who had a lap-band surgically inserted (stomach restriction device) 5 years prior.  After 5 years she realized the procedure had not had the desired results.  She was 5 feet and 1/2 inch tall and weighed 230 lbs. To worsen the situation she found she was unable to eat anything but ice-cream. 

G decided that she was going to have to try a new path.  She went to her Bariatric Doctor and had him open the lap band up as wide as possible (essentially reversing the procedure without removing the device) and came immediately to KMHR for a 18 day program.

"I need to learn how to eat again." she said.

Her results were remarkable.

In 18 days, while eating more than she had in years, she lost 8 lbs.  Her fasting glucose went from 126 (pre-diabetic) to 107.  Her cholesterol dropped from 226 to 187 mg/dl.  Her LDL cholesterol dropped from 124 to 103. 

While exercise would have helped G to lose weight, severe arthritis in her knee, prevented her from walking even 1 mile per day.  Due to her 18 day stay at KMHR, and continued improvement in overall health once returning home, G was in a much better condition to go into the surgery for her knee and had a knee replacement surgery several months after graduating from KMHR.


Consider joining a 10 or 17 day Health Retreat at Klondike Mountain Health Retreat.  Click here to view schedule and prices for our life-changing programs.

10 days is a very short time.  Longer times spent in the program show improved lab values at the end of the program.  There are conditions that we require to take the 17 day program, such as cancer.  Yet, we persist in doing 10 day programs.  The reason is because we believe 10 days is adequate, in most cases, to learn the principles necessary and establish the importance of this exciting positive lifestyle.  The rationale behind the 10 day program comes from Scripture, Daniel Chapter one.  Click here to read more about the 10 Day Daniel diet.