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Lessons From A Pig!

Janelle Klein MSN, ARNP

We just started a new monthly program called the Health Boost.  It has been a lot of fun.  We kicked off with a big emphasis on exercise.  You should consider joining us.  We call it encouragement for the journey! 

Colleen Meyer, a massage therapist  who works at Klondike Mountain Health Retreat, leads all the participants through a low impact exercise routine.  It is a lot of fun!

It has been not just exercise for the muscles but an exercise in building new habits.  Specifically, the habit of exercise.

That said, last week Martin and I were speeding along the road, anxious to get home after a big days work.  As we rounded a bend we swerved to avoid hitting an animal in the road. 

With an air of amazement Martin exclaimed, "I just about hit a PIG!"

Sure enough, ambling down the road behind us was a potbellied pig, and I might add with due respect, a rather FAT potbellied pig.

I did some fast talking and Martin stopped the car so I could go, "rescue the pig."  Now, I don't know much about pigs, but from what I could tell this was a pretty special pig.  She seemed very willing to be "rescued" and even to be my friend. She happily stood beside me oinking out happy little piggy noises while daubing my leg and boot with her snotty muddy nose.

Meanwhile, my husband, who had already declared his strong desire to not to have to heft a pig into his car, earnestly sought out the pigs home. It didn't take long and her owners were on their way to retrieve her. 

Apparently Alice, as she turned out to be named, was on a mission. She was going to visit a friend on the side of the mountain.

Her owners were a bit chagrined at Alice's newly developed behavior. "She didn't use to run off like this!" they said with dismay. 

Something clicked.  Just like Alice, when we start a new behavior it can cause shock to those around us! Indeed, in our pursuit to increase our exercise we may feel a bit like a potbellied pig trotting down the highway.  But remember, feeling and being out of place is all an expected part of making new and improved habits. 

Alice, in the picture to the above, sits on command and receives a pat and word of praise.

So 3 cheers to Alice as we all, pig included, start some new healthy habits! But, please, stay out of the middle of the road!

April 2014- ALICE UPDATE:  I saw Alice today.  As we buzzed along the road, she was begging treats from a girl waiting to be picked up by the bus.  So Alice is still wowing passerbys and keeping up with her new habits!  Let's keep up with our habit of exercise too.  We simply shouldn't be outdone by a pig!

May 2014- ALICE UPDATE:  Alice has introduced a new principle of exercise that is worthy of consideration.  As we were speeding along the road, once again Alice made an appearance.  This time she was out for a stroll and had a friend in tow.  A little tiny potbellied friend.  Yes, a pig as well. So let's take Alice's lead once again and encourage our friends to come along.  It is always more fun to chat while exercising.  So I am wishing a happy oinking to Alice and all her friends!

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